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  1. Best time to travel in Morocco
  2. The reality of tourism in Morocco
  3. The most famous tourist cities in Morocco

Best time to travel in Morocco

the primary months of the summer ar one in all the best times for tourism in Morocco, and therefore the weather during this period is characterised by heat within the morning hours and moderation within the night hours, with weak possibilities of rain, as Morocco includes a Mediterranean climate, that is characterised by moderate temperatures throughout the winter and comparatively high throughout the summer.

The reality of tourism in Morocco

Morocco is taken into account one in all the foremost hospitable African countries for tourists, because the range of tourists coming back to that in 2013 AD amounted to almost ten million tourists. Morocco additionally contains concerning seventy international airports distributed in several of its cities, and railways that reach between all its regions, similarly as linking it to its neighboring countries; like Algeria and Tunisie .

The most famous tourist cities in Morocco

Tourism in Marrakech city


A visitor to Marrakesh and its beauty will enjoy a lot, especially when visiting museums , the foremost illustrious of that is that the Marrakech museum dedicated to displaying trendy and ancient Moroccan arts, and Dar Si Saad museum dedicated to displaying musical instruments, and revel in riding balloons that offer its passengers with the chance to visualize charming views and visit several sites of historical and spiritual importance, such as: mosque Koutoubia, El Badi Palace, Saadian Tombs, Jamaâ El Fna, Marrakech museum,Ben Youssef school, Bahia Palace, the Menara Gardens, the Marrakech Wall, and therefore the Majorelle Garden.

Mosque Koutoubia
Mosque Koutoubia

Tourism in Fes city

town of Fez was in-built the eighth century AD, and because of its historical importance, it’s been enclosed within the World Heritage List, and is understood because the largest car-free space within the world, as its winding streets still maintain their form as they appeared since town was engineered, and guests to the present town will fancy itinerant in its ancient alleys and explore the distinctive options it contains, like the Moroccan-style gates,Al-Qarawiyyin mosque place of worship, Dar Al-Batha museum , Wooden Arts and Crafts Museum, Bab Abi El jounoud, madrasah Bouanania, Zaouia Moulay Idriss, town walls of Fez, the North Tower, and therefore the coloring basins.

 Tourism in Merzouga city

Merzouga is found on the outskirts of the desert, and despite its little size, it attracts several tourists and guests searching for inhabitancy within the desert, alternative campaign visits, the chance to ride camels, quad bikes, and sand dune bashing.

Tourism in Rabat

Rabat is that the capital of Morocco and therefore the second largest town in Morocco, and is characterised by its stunning location on an oversized plain dominating the Atlantic Ocean And within the middle of it passes the Bouregreg stream.

The city of capital of Morocco embraces several tourer places, the foremost necessary of that ar the following

Bab Al-Rawah
Bab Al-Rawah

Al-Shalleh archeologic space, Bab Al-Rawah, Silo of Hassan , Kasbah of the Udayas , the old city of Rabat, the Almohad wall, Mega Mall, Dar Al-Sultan Cave,Rabat Zoo, Archaeological Museum in Rabat capital of Morocco,Andalusian Gardens and Udayas Museum.

Tourism in Meknes

The business town of Meknes in Morocco includes a long history that tells of its walls, towers and historical places that have preserved its glory and landmarks. it’s justifiedly thought-about town of Arab-Islamic civilization and bright history.

Mausoleum of Moulay Ismail
Mausoleum of Moulay Ismail

Among its most vital historical monuments Bab al-Mansour, Mausoleum of Moulay Ismail, Madrassa Bouanania, Dar Jamai museum , the ancient town of Volubilis, Al-Hedim Square, Koubbat as-Sufara, Moulay Idriss, the old city, the imperial town, the Riyadh Park in Meknes.

Tourism in Agadir

Agadir is one in all the largest tourist cities in Morocco and is found on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean close to the Atlantic Mountains and is one in all the foremost necessary Moroccan tourist destinations, because it includes several tourer attractions, health resorts, golf courses, clean beaches, gardens and parks, because it embraces several of the foremost necessary tourer areas in Morocco, among them is that the quarter of Agadir Oufella, Olhao Park, Agadir Beach, the Bird Valley Park, Agadir Park, the Hope square, Horse and camel riding in Agadir.

Tourism in Tangier

Tourism within the Moroccan town of Tangiers, set within the north of Morocco overlooking on the Mediterranean coast, is that the sixth largest town in Morocco.

Tangier receives annually concerning 47٪ of all tourists coming to Morocco because of its distinguished tourist attractions the most important is Museum of Moroccan Arts, St. Andrew’s Church, Grand Souk, the Cave of Hercules.

Cave of Hercules.
Cave of Hercules.

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