Best Places To Visit In Morocco

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Discovering Morocco is one of the most exciting holiday trips that anyone can take in any country. It offers fascinating sights from every corner of the planet, as well as cultural nuances and traditions from all around the world. Despite the fact that Morocco is not quite at home here in the states, it offers some of the best travel destinations to visit in 2020. Here are some of the top places to visit in Morocco:

1) Fez

Gate to ancient medina of Fez, Morocco

Fez is the second largest city in Morocco and among the oldest cities in Africa. With its unique architectural styles and buildings, the capital has managed to survive for decades despite the invasion by French and Spanish invaders. According to UNESCO, Fez offers an ideal destination for tourists who prefer traditional tourist sites. Its museums and markets attract millions of visitors each year. The city also offers numerous activities that you won’t even know about such as ziplining and quad biking.

2) Tangier

The old medina and the port of Tangier, Morocco

The small town of Tangier lies between Spain and France and offers beautiful architectural designs. There are also several attractions at a relatively young age that would make this place so appealing to tourists.

3) Casablanca

The Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca is the largest mosque in Morocco

At the northernmost point of Algeria, Casablanca offers perfect spots during tours. From the ancient Roman ruins in Morocco to the bustling commercial district today, the region offers everything a traveler could want. Not only does Casablanca offer the spectacular Old Town, but it also includes stunning architecture as well as many other types of attractions that make it one of the most amazing traveling locations.

4) Laayoune

Laâyoune / El Aaiun, Saguia el-Hamra, Western Sahara: fountain and garden by the Spanish Cathedral of Saint Francis of Assisi – photo by M.Torres

Laayoune is an old town famous for being the seat of King Abdelmoudhadi’s army during his reign in Morocco between 1659 and 1722. Today, there are more than 300 buildings dating back to 15th-century architecture that make up the city’s vibrant streets. If you are keen on exploring various archaeological landmarks and learning more about Moroccan Arab and Western heritage, then Laayoune should be in your bucket list.

5) Marrakech

Jamaa el Fna also Jemaa el Fnaa, Djema el Fna or Djemaa el Fnaa is square and market place in Marrakesh’s medina quarter. Marrakesh, Morocco, north Africa. UNESCO Heritage of Humanity.

Marrakech is another very popular travel destination in Africa that is famous for its natural beauty, impressive architecture and vibrant nightlife scene. While making sure you’re prepared, you might also wish to check out the lovely city center – a vast collection of shops and stalls for everyone from fashionistas to explorers. Travel agencies offer discounted packages to cater to both domestic and foreign visitors, so make sure you pick the cheapest package possible. Aside from all that, you’ll still need to pack enough clothes and equipment to get you there. Make sure you take advantage of the affordable flights, bus fare discounts, and airport transfers as well.

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